❝ I like to keep busy. ❞

Over 17 years experience, designing print & digital campaigns for small to multi-national blue chip companies. Also with the successes of Jeremy Norburn's original oil paintings and illustrations, we are offering custom portrait illustrations for your business.


InDesign • Illustrator • Photoshop • Dreamweaver • Text Wrangler • Adobe Edge

HTML & CSS, Cross browser testing, RWD, UX & UI

Extensive knowledge of both PC and Mac platforms

Word, Excel, Power Point and e-mail applications

Experience liaising with copywriters, photographers, developers, to complete multiple projects whilst meeting varying deadlines

Knowledge and interest in art and design, with original artwork currently being displayed and sold at the Burford Art Gallery

Where it all started

The company was founded by Jeremy Norburn who had been working in the digital and print design industries since 1998. Jeremy got his hands into as many projects as possible, ranging from website design to even composing music for film and television.

From 2005 - 2013, Jeremy worked as an in-house designer for many large companies, but realised that to do a job he was proud of, he needed to headout on his own.

2013 was the year of freelancing, working around the UK on projects for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Unilever, Sky, Virgin Media, Whittard and many others. Jeremy was happy, and even started creating oil paintings and printed illustrations that are currently being sold in UK art galleries.

Norburn Design Ltd was officially launched in 2014 - off the back of a freelancing project that only worked with limited companies. Since setting up Norburn Design he has never looked back as the company allows him to understand his clients, to plan the entire project and communicate the innovations he's become known for.

Simplicity, Patience & Compassion

We believe that the basis for any successful project is to understand the who, what, why, where, when and how's. This gives us the opportunity to brain storm and evaluate all posibilities before setling on one idea. From there we plan, plan, plan. We pride ourselves on being 'that customer', the one who will break a process or ask the un-thought-about questions. We communicate, whether it be via a phone call, email, Skype or simply just meeting, we'll always keep the client updated with all the latest happenings - this way, there's no unwanted surprises.

To conclude, you'll see some skills & past examples that could either assist with your digital or print design projects.

Or simply brighten your lives for many, many years to come.

❝ If I was to sum up Norburn Design... be creative, listen, and make things happen. ❞

Jeremy Norburn



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