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Once in a while I'll venture out of my house to do art in public (basically paint some pictures, have a chat and maybe sell something). Information about past and coming events can be found below.

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Meet the Artist

Burford Art Gallery

14th November 2015

11am - 5pm

Burford Art Gallery

15th November 2015

11am - 4pm

Oil paintings of rural english landscapes for storybook animals.

For the two days I shall be working on a few pieces, each at different stages of development. Each painting is handmade from beginning to end. From cutting and joining the canvas stretcher to priming the locally sourced canvas (using homemade gesso). All paintings are created using oil paints, mediums and oils.


Day #1: I took this day as a tester and decided to see if I could create a landscape in a period of 6 hours (including breaks and chatting to public). The end result was more subdued than my usual work, but this I took for not using extra oils and simply using a 'wet on wet' style.

Well I'm finished, so here's the result of a days painting. Anyone want it?

Posted by Norburn Design on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day #2: The next day I wanted to test the idea of being able to produce an image from the story (current working title - 24Nov2015: 1000 words). I only had 5 hours to create this piece, so working from a sketch I did at the start and was able to use the previous day's experience to add more blending and depth to the piece.

Times up. He's the results of the days painting.

Posted by Norburn Design on Sunday, November 15, 2015

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